Re: "In Christ"

Date: Thu Apr 25 1996 - 20:34:25 EDT

Dear Carl and other list members,
Please forgive me if in any way, out of ignorance of course, I have offended
you or them by my saluatory closure of "in Christ". I have read what you
have said about the members and their being christian as well as
non-christian. I concede that perhaps some mis-understanding could take
place or even misjudgement of sorts.

By way of closure please let me say that I mean no dis-respect to you or any
other member. I am, as I said, new to this forum and am still learning about
these types of communicational avenues such as aol, etc. So forgive my
ignorance concerning this medium, please.

I want not to have any pharisaical overtones in my speech or in my life and
am sorry if that is what you received it as. It was not delivered with that

Lovingly, let me say that although preaching on this prepositional phrase
which is foundational to N.T. Teaching is commendable but let me caution you
as you prohibit the use of such a personal expression of ones own faith. The
salutory phrase "in Christ" used by myself (I speak for myself) if I recall
correctly, was never used as such with Paul or anyone else. It Was used to
describe, at the least, a person's "position" before God the Father as a
believer in Jesus Christ. I meant it this way as I'm sure many, who
recognize the expression, mean it.
You are correct that this is not a theological debating ground and I entered
this conversation not to engage in debate as II Timothy 2:14 warns me but to
clarify a personal position that I hold that was spoken against.

I beg your understanding and forgiveness. I never meant to sound like a
predator attacking a victim. I am however more informed (due only to your
response) about what this Greek area is for will, with God's help restrain
myself to its course of discussion.


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