Date: Thu Apr 25 1996 - 14:43:16 EDT

Hey Doug,
I received your mail asking if anyone has done any work or research on the
phrase "en Christos" in Paul's letters.

By now you are having a great time in Phillippians if you are digging to the
depths of this pertinent phrase. I have attempted sometime ago (approx. 2
years ago) to compile and sort from on the New Testament usage of this
phrase, "in Christ" .
If you have made grounds in your studies then you know it was used over 100
times or referred to with the pronominal use of "in him" (See Ephesians
chapter 1 for an illustration of what I mean).
I was told as a "green" seminary student not to attempt to compile such a
sytematic list of sorts because it had been tried before without success
(there is just too much to sort through). Well, with all the other
assignments given in seminary I had to put that Personal one on the back
burner for now but I have quite an extensive file on it boxed up somewhere.
 I wouldn't be able to part with the file, of course but would be willing to
chat over what you found (insights) or questions that may have arisen that
would stimulate serious study or discussion.
Let me know what you found and where you are headed with this study . Look
forward to hearing from you.
In Christ,

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