From: Paul_O'
Date: Tue Apr 30 1996 - 17:21:55 EDT

     On April 26th, Wes Williams wrote:
>>I, for one, would appreciate the specific reference in "Notes on
>>Translation" so that I could order a copy of it.
     Since I regularly "lurk" this list and am generally responsible over
     development of Greek computer tools, and other Greek related stuff for
     the Summer Institute of Linguistics, I thought I should cease lurking
     for a little and provide the information!
     The original article was:
     Notes on Translation, Number 52, June 1974
     Hale, Clarence B. The meaning of "in Christ" in the New Testament
     Hale subsequently revised and expanded on this original article and we
     have published it in booklet form as:
     Hale, Clarence B. The Meaning of "In Christ" in the Greek New
     Testament. Summer Institute of Linguistics, 1991.
     I'm not sure of the prices of these, but most of our materials are
     very reasonable. You can order these (I think) through our secretary
     here in the International Translation Dept. at (214) 709-3307. Hope
     you find this information useful!
     Paul O'Rear
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