RE: Logos

From: David L. Moore (
Date: Fri May 03 1996 - 10:35:45 EDT

At 04:33 AM 5/3/96 UT, David Sims wrote:
>I use Logos and find it to be the most comprehensive program imaginable. What
>I particularly like is that I can keep adding to it. I am convinced that it
>has the best tools available for the study of God's Word. I've tried the
>others; Logos is setting a new standard.

        There is a paper out there on the web by Harry Hahne that analyzes
several different programs of Bible-analysis software. The URL was when last I checked. Even if
this paper didn't directly consider a program one is interested in, it gives
criteria that are important to take into account when considering any such

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Miami, Florida, USA Department of Education Southeastern Spanish District of the Assemblies of God

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