Re: ===>> FREE 1 yr USA Magazine Sub sent worldwide-270+ Choices!

From: Jim Brooks (
Date: Wed May 01 1996 - 16:16:07 EDT

>Sorry but I have tried everything I know.... and it was in vain...... :( I
>tried tracking them down and deluging them with 50 copies
>but that and many other tactics did not work <huge groan.....> Now I
>have given up and just delete them when I see them
>saves my few black hairs from turning white ;)

I do the same. But I'm on 4 lists right now and it seems like all four got
hit with this at the same time. I had "free subscription overload" and I
snapped. BTW, I sent a message to (the guy who sent this
last one)--I received an undelieverable mail message stating that no such
user existed.

Well, back to Greek.

Jim Brooks
Pastor, Grace Community Church
PO Box 537
Elma, WA 98541
(360) 482-3528

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