Re: New Date on P64 Manuscript

From: Kenneth Litwak (
Date: Wed May 08 1996 - 13:19:07 EDT

Dear Carl,

  Well, I figured I'd regret expressing my opinion, but there it is.
It seems to me the reaction to Thiede, whatever his approach,
has been a tempest in a tea pot. I'd expect less reaction if the
US Constitution was dated by a researcher to 1920. Is Sigrid
a papyrologist? That wasn't my impression. This is, by the
way, a personal note. I have no intention of going any further
with this on b-greek, just in case I've already put my foot in
my mouth. I've read Sigrid's paper, and I have to say that the
initial comments on Thiede, that he "failed" to show lapses in the
views of others is a pretty weak argument. I can point to
boatloads of scholarly work that uses "new evidence" to support
positions while not working hard at dismantling the views of
others. That doesn't make all that work invalid. I think
Sigrid is making a serious metholodical failure here.
Please do not forward this reply to the list. You may, certainly,
if you wish, state publicly Sigrid's credentials as you
understand them.

Ken Litwak
Berserkely, CA

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