Re: BibleWorks and Windows9

From: Karen Pitts (
Date: Mon Apr 29 1996 - 03:03:05 EDT


A member of our Greek reading group called today. She has Windows95 and wants
to get some Bible software, primarily to be able to print out the Greek text
for whatever we happen to be reading, but also to do some study. From past
posts, I gleaned a recommendation for BibleWorks. Can anyone tell me how to
order it and if there is any problems with Windows 95?

I would qualify my friend as a computer neophyte; she says her four year old
manages the computer better than she does, so if there is another package that
is more appropriate, please feel free to suggest one. She doesn't want to
spend the money on Logo, she's had trouble working with BibleWindows in
Windows95, and Online Bible doesn't work through Windows and/or print with
accents and breathing marks.

Thanks much for your help. I have the feeling these questions have been
answered before, but since I'm a Mac user, I've ignored all the Windows stuff.

Karen Pitts
Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Hopewell, N.J., teacher of NT Greek
David Sarnoff Research Center, Princeton, N.J., statistician

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