Re: BibleWorks and Windows9

From: David Housholder (
Date: Wed May 01 1996 - 11:09:43 EDT

At 07:03 AM 4/29/96 +0000, Karen wrote:
>A member of our Greek reading group called today. She has Windows95 and wants
>to get some Bible software, primarily to be able to print out the Greek text
>for whatever we happen to be reading, but also to do some study. From past
>posts, I gleaned a recommendation for BibleWorks.

I am not a Windows 95 user, so I can't answer that question, but I would add
another suggestion: If the primary need is to print out and study the Greek
text (rather than a need for an extensive collection of English Bibles and
reference aids) you friend shuold look into the Gramcord edition of White
Harvest's Bible Companion Series. It would be considerably less expensive.
Actually, the full Teacher's version of the Bible Companion Series, which
would include lots of English Bibles and reference aids, would be about $150
less than BibleWorks.

You can contact Paul Miller ( for information about the
Gramcord software for Windows.

--David Housholder
  Marietta, Georgia

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