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From: Russ Reeves (
Date: Wed May 01 1996 - 19:23:31 EDT

> I am not a Windows 95 user, so I can't answer that question, but I would add
> another suggestion: If the primary need is to print out and study the Greek
> text (rather than a need for an extensive collection of English Bibles and
> reference aids) you friend shuold look into the Gramcord edition of White
> Harvest's Bible Companion Series. It would be considerably less expensive.
> Actually, the full Teacher's version of the Bible Companion Series, which
> would include lots of English Bibles and reference aids, would be about $150
> less than BibleWorks.

I use Windows 3.11, rather than 95. However, I can whole-heartedly
recommend the Bible Companion Software series, especially to print
out for study. The Gramcord edition has the full UBS 4th ed. parsed
greek text, and the TR is also available. There is a difference
between the Gramcord software package and the Cd-Roms ("Family Bible
Companion," etc.). White Harvest's order number is 800 318-7333.
They also have a BBS at 919 846 2141. The Gramcord softward is $125
for the search engine, gramcord, the greek text and font, and the UBS
Greek dictionary.

Russ Reeves

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