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Date: Sat May 11 1996 - 13:30:04 EDT

At 10:51 AM 5/11/96, cbrad wrote:
>Note: there is another book entitled "It's Greek to Me" published by
>Harper Colins, written by Michael Macrone. This one IS NOT the text for
>NT Greek refered to in the original post. Macrone's book is an anthology
>of readings from classical Greek in an English translation, with
>commentary by the author.

CBRAD is right that Macrone's _It's Greek to Me_ is different from the
beginning grammar book that is currently being discussed.

However the description is bit off. Macrone has published a series of
books, sort "Allusions for the Millions"; in addition to the book on Greek,
he has also written companion books for both the Bible and for Shakespeare.
These are not "readings" from these fields so much as they are
how-to-impress-your-friends-by- knowing-cool-quotes books, containing a
brief discussion of the context of the quote sometimes with a little
background material.

In this way, Macrone's books are more like those "Dictionary of Cultural
Literacy" books that were popular a few years back. Unfortunately,
Macrone's books share another feature with those books in that they tend,
as often as not, to be "Dictionaries of Folklore and Commonly Held
Misconceptions" and aren't always useful as sources or real information.

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