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From: cbrad (
Date: Sat May 11 1996 - 10:51:15 EDT

>Someone forwarded to me your comments about Greek To Me and I called CBD to
>order a copy but they do not stock it. Do you have the author/publisher's
>name? I'd like to take a look. A local church has asked me to advise their
>adult ed committee about how to put a Greek NT program together.

Note: there is another book entitled "It's Greek to Me" published by
Harper Colins, written by Michael Macrone. This one IS NOT the text for
NT Greek refered to in the original post. Macrone's book is an anthology
of readings from classical Greek in an English translation, with
commentary by the author. I learned this the hard way!
The local bookstore that ordered Macrone's book for me also lists Story's
"Greek to Me" in its publisher's catalog, and will order it Monday.

Which one of these texts is the product of a redactor, or is one of them
wholly spurious? <g>.

Does anyone know for sure if Story's book is still in print?
Charles Bradley
Hopewell Presbyterian Church

"Let Thy works praise Thee, that we may love Thee; and let us love Thee,
that Thy works may praise Thee." Aurelius Augustine

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