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>RE> Greek to Me 5/10/96 12:27 PM
>The book store for Princeton Theological Seminary stocks Cullen Story's Greek
>To Me; I bought my copy there last week. The publisher is Harper Collins.
>The woman at the book store says they order them from Scranton, PA. I'm in
>the process of switching my current class from Efird's New Testament Greek to
>Story's Greek to Me and am planning on starting a new class in the fall with
>Greek to Me.

If I might make a suggestion; when I first saw Greek To Me @10 years ago, I was
intrigued and wanted to use it, but I could see that there was no way for
students to absorb all that vocabulary. If wasn't until the pictograph vocab
cards came out that I switched; the goofy pictures really work in helping the
students remember the words (I think it has something to do with human and/or
Adamic nature, since the stranger the picture is the more likely that folks
will remember it). And the Vocab Cards, I believe, have to be ordered from
Lyle Story; they are not published by H/C.

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