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From: Edgar M. Krentz (
Date: Sat May 11 1996 - 12:43:12 EDT

>At 1:20 PM -0500 5/9/96, Kenneth Litwak asked about Luke 1:51b reads

Carl answered as follows:

>Well, it IS partly LXX, isn't it? It's not really very elegant Greek, but
>one doesn't look for that in the LXX generally. I think that in this
>instance, it will work if you take DIANOIAi KARDIAS AUTWN as clarifying the
>substantive adjective hUPERHFANOUS. I'd re-write the sentence in more
>"normal" Greek as follows:
>and understand it to mean: "He has routed/dispersed those who are arrogant
>in their hearts' thinking." It may very well refer directly to the Tower of
>Babel narrative when it says "scattered," and even if it doesn't refer
>directly to that, there's the typical hymnic notion that God's enemies have
>conspired together against him--tried to face him down in a direct
>confrontation--but he has made them turn tail and flee.
>As for the weird phrasing, "their heart's thinking," that's not atypical of
>Hebraic liturgical psychology, is it? Well, maybe Hebrew liturgists never
>did study much psychology. ;-)
Does anyone else think that DIAMOIAi might just be an instrumental dative
["scattered the proud by the thought of their mind]? That might be a form
of the hardening of the heart motif. Just thought I would ask.

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