Luke 1:51

From: Philip E. Cleary (
Date: Sat May 11 1996 - 22:47:28 EDT

Edgar Krentz (quoting Carl) wrote:

>>As for the weird phrasing, "their heart's thinking," that's not atypical
>>Hebraic liturgical psychology, is it? Well, maybe Hebrew liturgists never
>>did study much psychology. ;-)

>Does anyone else think that DIAMOIAi might just be an instrumental dative
>["scattered the proud by the thought of their mind]? That might be a form
>of the hardening of the heart motif. Just thought I would ask.


As a newcomer to the list, I don't know exactly what this thread is about,
but I hope the following will add something to it.

In "The Hebrew Christ" (pp. 108-09), Claude Tresmontant has this to say
about the passage:

<We may also notice in pasing verse 51: "... He has scattered the proud in
the imagination of their hearts." In Hebrew the word 'leb,' 'heart,' is
translated into Greek sometimes by 'kardia,' 'heart,' and sometimes bi
'dianoia,' 'thought.' In this passage from Luke, two words, 'imagination,'
and 'heart' are used in the place of what must have been the single Hebrew
word 'leb.' >

Phil Cleary

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