Greek Etymology

From: Ernest D. Long (
Date: Sat May 25 1996 - 03:53:20 EDT

I am a student of scripture but have no formal education in
Greek, however, I've found the real value of studying comes
only when I dig in to the Greek and Hebrew via Strong's
Concordance. I am not adept at learning languages in fact
I'm pathetic.

I've only been a b-greek subscriber for a few days but I've
gleaned quite a bit from the discussions. My question for
someone who is familiar with Greek and the Internet is:

Is there a site which I can visit where I can find the etymology
of particular Greek words?

Or perhaps there is some software somewhere that would
give me what I want?

Failing that, what would be a good book on the subject?

I would appreciate any help someone may offer.

By the way, I've been studying eschatology and the more
I dig, the more confirmed I become in my prewrath rapture
position. Is there a Greek scholar among the subscribers that
maintains the same position? If not, then would a pre-tribber
among you be willing to answer some questions?


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