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From: David Anderson (
Date: Mon May 27 1996 - 13:21:44 EDT

This is my second post and I also have been lurking for quite some time. I
too am an amateur Greek student. A couple of books that you may enjoy if you
are interested in some insight into Engish words derived from Greek are (I
believe I found references to these books on B-Greek so perhaps you already
know about them):

        Greek and Latin in English Today by Richard M. Krill
          ISBN 0-86516-241-7 1993 paperback

The first third of the above book deals with English words derived from
Greek words and the remainder of the book deals with English words derived
from Latin. This is a really interesting book. Another book which is great
for Greek vocabulary is:

        Mastering Greek Vocabulary by Thomas A. Robinson
          ISBN 0-943575-85-0 1994 paperback

Most of this book lists Greek cognate groups which helps you recognize words
you may otherwise be unfamiliar with. Also, there is a long list of English
derived from Greek as well as lists of prefixes and suffixes and their meanings.


Dave Anderson

>This is my first post (I have been lurking for some time). I, too,
>am an amateur Greek student who is intensely interested in Greek
>etymology. It seems to me that an interest in etymology does not
>necessarily dictate a disinterest, or diminishing of, contextual
>definition. I, too, would be very interested in the group's input
>about etymological resources.
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