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From: Stephen C Carlson (
Date: Wed May 29 1996 - 13:59:06 EDT

Eric Weiss wrote:
>Is there a Christian "theology list" one can subscribe to or view archive files
>for like b-greek? I recall finding one at one time, but I lost the URL and
>subscribe address. When discussions like the one with "Akbar" on the Holy
>Spirit and the one on Acts 2:38 re: baptism drift from a grammatical emphasis
>to a theological debate, is there a discussion list one can direct the
>discussees to turn to for future postings?

There is a mailing list which used to be a part of
b-greek but was split off to handle the theological discussions. It's
been almost two years since I've read that list, and it was a complete
wasteland. If someone had a different opinion, it was not uncommon for
him to accused of being a spawn of Satan, for example.

Stephen Carlson

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