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Date: Wed May 29 1996 - 15:29:48 EDT

I apologize for allowing a discussion of eis in Acts 2:38 to develop more
into a discussion on baptism on this list. I will proceed with private
correspondence with those who have raised questions along these lines.

It is in order, however, to briefly respond to the suggestion that eis simply
means "in reference to". Such a meaning would make eis generic for all
prepositions, since _every_ preposition has a certain reference to its
object--right? So, to say that eis just means "in reference to" is to say
that eis means anything--which is to say, it means nothing.

Could it be that a fear of the implications of the most obvious meaning of
EIS APHESIN HAMARTIWN has caused some of you to lose your objectivity on this

Don Partain
1316 Murray
Missoula, MT 59802

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