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Date: Wed May 29 1996 - 15:39:06 EDT

There are two theology discussion lists, each with it's own style.

1) Theology

    Web page -

    You can subscribe with the command "subscribe theology" sent to

    The general tenor is very conservative, and participants are
    assumed to uphold inerrancy. Debates are usually on topics like
    dispensationalism, freewill (the current debate), etc. A recent
    discussion on "Can God make a rock so big he can't lift it"
    drove me off the list for a few weeks. There are few (if any)
    professional theologians on the list (whether that's good or bad,
    I'll let you be the judge <g>). Someone recently suggested the
    relationship between baptism and salvation for a discussion
    topic, though they inaccurately stated that the Campbellites
    (which, for those who don't know, are the heirs of the
    Stone-Campbell movement, out of which grew the churches of
    Christ, Disciples of Christ, and Independent Christian
    Churches/Churches of Christ. It's generally a term of derision,
    but we don't mind too much) teach baptismal regeneration.

2) Theologos

      Send "subscribe theologos <your name>" to

    Generally more academic, with a wider variety of participants
    (Orthodox, Anglican, Anabaptist, Evangelical, etc.) and (IMO)
    more interesting topics. The Eucharist is the big topic at the
    moment, with some excellent comments from a variety of
    traditions. Also generally a more irenic forum - I've never seen
    anyone accused as being the "spawn of Satan" here <g>. Also, my
    general impression is that you'll receive a better response if
    you bring in a discussion on greek (I'm sure some on the other
    list know greek, but it isn't used much).

Russ Reeves

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