Interesting Scripture passage!

From: Mr. Timothy T. Dickens (
Date: Wed May 29 1996 - 07:54:16 EDT

>Dear Tim,
>I too have been following closely your discussion with Brother
I was kind of curious about that passage you put under your
signature. May I know where or what passage of scripture you got it
from? Thank you
>very much.
>Your Brother in the Lord,
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Yes My friend the saying is from the gospel according to Thomas,
saying # 114. The gospel of Thomas is a gnostic text found in 1947
in Nag Hammadi Egypt. It contains sayings that survived into our 4
gospels (parable of the sower and the seed, eg.) It is, many
believe, one of the earliest gospels along with a source still
missing called 'Q' by scholars today. Perhaps one day humankind
will find the 'Q' source, like we found Thomas. Then many
questions about Jesus will be solved. You can visit a Thomas web
sit on the web. I am sorry that I do not have an address. If I
come accross it, I will send it to you from school today.

Timothy T. Dickens
Smyrna, GA Home School

"No man should bring children into the world who is unwilling to continue their nurture and education." Plato's Crito, Section 45D.

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