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Date: Sun Jun 02 1996 - 15:40:45 EDT


The passage that you quote is from the new edition of Perrin-Duling
(or, as it is now noted Duling-Perrin) is from their chapter on the
development of the canon of the NT. One feature of this book is the
extensive bibliography that they include at the end of each chapter
(a feature this book shares with many/most other of the so-called
"introductions" to the NT). Perhaps this would be a good place to
search for Perrin/Duling's arguments in support of the ten-book
model of Paul --or the bibliography to the chapter on the Pauline
Epistles (chapt 7).

Dear Nichael,

        Thank you so very much for you advice! I have looked through
the 'FURTHER READING' section at the end of both sections, 4 & 7;
maybe I am overlooking an important article. Can you point to one
in particular that addresses the specific question that I raised?

Peace and Love

Timothy T. Dickens
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