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Date: Sun Jun 02 1996 - 18:57:52 EDT

Mr. Timothy T. Dickens wrote:

> Thank you so very much for you advice! I have looked through
>the 'FURTHER READING' section at the end of both sections, 4 & 7;
>maybe I am overlooking an important article. Can you point to one
>in particular that addresses the specific question that I raised?

A good place to look --as in all questions dealing with the canon-- is
Bruce Metzger's _The Canon of the NT: Its Origin, Development and
Signifcance_ (Oxford, 1987). Note particularly pp257ff where he discusses
the early Christian collections of Paul's epistles. (In particular, he
seems to ascribe to Edgar Goodspeed a model that sounds very similar to
that described by Duling/Perrin.)

More specifically, you ask about evidence for an early 10-book Pauline
corpus. We should note that the oldest (nearly) complete collection of the
Epistles that we have, namely p46, contained ten epistles (although the
books in that collection differs slightly from the list given in PD; i.e.
substitute Hebrews for Philemon).

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