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Cleon Rogers asked:

"Can any one help me with the plural in John 1:13. "Born of bloods?" What is
its significance?"

TA hAIMATA (plural) is one standard way of saying "descent" in Greek.
Hence Bauer states that EX hAIMATWN GENNHQHNAI means "owe one's descent to
the physical nature." It is always important to remember that Greek and
English do not "language ideas" in the same way. We just don't think of it
in this way; ancient Greek-speakers did.

You might also want to look at a very interesting article by Henry Cadbury
(who wasn't usually a terribly interesting speaker, in person), "The
Ancient Physiological Notions Underlying John 1:13a, Hebrews 11:11".
Reference in Bauer-Danker, page 22.

Edward Hobbs

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