Re: Metzger's E-address, my scarcity

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu Jun 13 1996 - 22:27:32 EDT

I think this might be of general interest to the list. I just thought I
might mention that I'll be scarce for the next few days; I'll be in the
Blue Ridge mtns of NC for the next two months and need to find a local
dial-in ISP so I won't have to dial LD to get into my PPP acount. But I
will be harvesting and perhaps responding if the provocation is severe.

>Date: Thu, 13 Jun 96 18:16:37 MST
>Encoding: 14 Text
>To: "Carl W. Conrad" <>,
>Subject: Re: Metzger's E-Mail address
> Alan,
> I found some E-Mail addresses to Metzger. Connect to:
> It's a good resource.
> Sincerely,
> Wes
> P.S. Carl, I deleted the original message from Edgar Krentz and do not
> know his E-Mail address. Would you please be so kind as to let him
> know this site address? Thanks.

Carl W. Conrad
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