Re: Synonyms in John 21 (and Hebrew)

From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Wed Jun 19 1996 - 08:49:34 EDT

Roy Blizzard and David Bivens in their book THE DIFFICULT WORDS OF JESUS
demonstrate that Jesus and the apostles most likely spoke Hebrew rather than
Aramaic. Robert Lindsay in his book JESUS: RABBI AND LORD demonstrates the
same thing, including suggesting that Mark and Luke and half of Acts were
originally written in Hebrew--conclusions drawn from living and working in
Israel for over 40 years in close association with David Flusser on the
Hebrew background of the New Testament. If Jesus and the Apostles spoke
Hebrew rather than Aramaic, would they have used two different words which
the author of GJohn 21 writes as AGAPAW and PHILEW, thus making a
differentiation that is apparently not possible in Aramaic? Also, any
comments on Blizzard's and Lindsay's work?

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