Re: Eph 4:2 prepositions

From: James H. Vellenga (
Date: Wed Jun 19 1996 - 16:55:59 EDT

> Does anyone have a suggestion as to what the two META prepositional phrases
> in Ephesians 4:2 modify--the infinitive PERIPATHSAI, or the participial
> phrase ANEXOMENOI ALLHLWN? Are there any good articles or books that provide
> insight for such questions?
> Thanks!
> Glenn Weaver
There's a third possibility, which just treats the META's as part
of the general flow of thought (sort of like sentence fragments),
but technically, if diagrammed, modifying PERIPATHSAI:

"So I, the prisoner, encourage you in the Master to go around in a manner
worthy of the invitation with which you got called, with every [kind of]
humility and gentleness, with patience, [constantly] putting up
with each other in love ...."

Jim V.

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