Re: User-Friendly Greek

From: David Housholder (
Date: Thu Jun 20 1996 - 16:29:48 EDT

>his focus is to think in terms of
> paragraphs, not words and verses, and his method of diagramming the thought-
> flow of a paragraph has been very helpful to me -- it's different than the
> "phrasing" Mounce describes in his GRADED READER, but you'll have to judge
> which you prefer. (If you're interested, I'll tell you how I've incorporated
> his method into the text of my GNT.)

Thanks, Eric, for the comments on Easley's book. I've seen it in the
stores and thought it might be useful for some of the classes I

How do you incorporate flow diagramming into your NT?

--David Housholder
  Marietta, Georgia

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