User-Friendly Greek

From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Thu Jun 20 1996 - 17:50:13 EDT

I'd like to personally recommend USER-FRIENDLY GREEK: A COMMON SENSE
APPROACH TO THE GREEK NEW TESTAMENT by Kendell H. Easley, Broadman & Holman,
(c) 1994 ISBN 0-8054-1043-0 167 pp. $14.95. It's "...designed to help
students and ministers bridge the gap between learning New Testament Greek
and applying that knowledge as they study, preach and teach from the New
Testament" and I have found this description from the back cover to be true.

For the two students I'll help continue learning Greek after completing the
first year with Mounce, I will be using Mounce's GRADED READER, Richard
Young's INTERMEDIATE GRAMMAR, and Easley's book. I want them to really get
into reading the Greek New Testament now that they've covered basic grammar,
and these three books seem to me to be among the best in my collection of
tools/grammar books for doing this. Young's Grammar will cover the finer
aspects of grammar and other parts of speech Easley's book doesn't address.

I have found Easley's examples to be good and easy to understand, and his
discussions of grammar (tense, mood, genitive case forms) are very good. His
approach is informed by linguistics, his focus is to think in terms of
paragraphs, not words and verses, and his method of diagramming the thought-
flow of a paragraph has been very helpful to me -- it's different than the
"phrasing" Mounce describes in his GRADED READER, but you'll have to judge
which you prefer. (If you're interested, I'll tell you how I've incorporated
his method into the text of my GNT.) It has a good Glossary and Subject
Index, and the main text boldfaces all glossary terms. For the preacher, he
explains which grammatical aspects of Greek words are worth noting in sermons
and (really good) which are not significant.

If anyone else out there has used Easley's book, I'd like to hear your

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