Re: Synonyms in John 21 etc.

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Date: Sat Jun 22 1996 - 11:24:41 EDT

Eric Weiss wrote:

>Until Don Wilkins' post, everything I have read assumes or implies that
>AGAPAW is a "higher" form of love than FILEW, I guess because it is based on
>the "intrinsic worth" of the object loved and seeks nothing (e.g.,
>friendship) in return, whereas the "affection" inherent in FILEW somehow
>implies a more selfish love. I hope there is further discussion around Don's
>intriguing and definitely provocative remarks. Has this perspective been
>discussed in journals/books?

At the beginning of Randy Leedy's first post he mentioned that the
predominate scholarly opinion on John 21 was that FILEW and AGAPAW are
synonyms. Don Carson discusses this in Exegetical Fallacies and Moises
Silva discusses it in Biblical Words... In my humble opinion, the
arguments presented therein still carry great weight and are to be
preferred to other solutions.

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