Re: Synonyms in John 21 etc.

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sat Jun 22 1996 - 17:07:10 EDT

At 8:36 PM -0400 6/22/96, David B. Gowler wrote:
>> Eric Weiss wrote:
>> > I don't think ANY
>> >serious scholar doubts that Jesus primarily (and perhaps entirely) spoke to
>> >the apostles in Aramaic and/or Hebrew.
>>To which Carl Conrad replied:
>> Well, I never claimed to be a serious scholar, ... but I have
>> never been able to understand why, in 1st-century Galilee, it should have
>> been such an extraordinary thing for an intelligent and itinerant native to
>> know and speak Greek when he had the occasion.

Just for the record here, Eric Weiss did not write that assertion "that
Jesus spoke primarily ... in Aramaic and/or Hebrew"--that was Don Wilkins,
from whose earlier post I lifted that paragraph and pasted into my response
to Eric. These mailing programs are wonderul, but they can, when not used
very carefully, make attributions rather tricky.

I should add another clarification regarding Jesus' language: I'm not
claiming that Jesus DID speak Greek; I just don't see any reason to deny
what seems to me a very good possibility.

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