Greek thinking

Date: Sat Jun 29 1996 - 17:55:57 EDT

Has anyone read or given thought to Edward de Bono's _Parallel Thinking_?
I fully appreciate that his writing is not altogether scholarly in that
he doesn't have footnoting or bibliography but rather write in a more
popular style. At the same time it would appear that his work has con-
siderable influence in some scholarly circles, not to speak of his in-
fluence on school children.

Is there any thought on what he is saying with reference to the influence
of Greek thinking, in particular that of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle,
on "the standard traditional Western thinking style"? My concern, for
example is what the implications would be for a Greek writer and thinker
such as Paul and thus by extension to modern christianity. The reference
of course is to patterns or methodology of thinking rather than philosophy.

What implications would de Bono's book have for NT studies and Greek studies
in particular? Personally I can agree with some things he is saying with
reference to the search for truth, re black/white right/wrong thinking and
debating, etc. But it would also seem to require some rethinking of cer-
tain basic christian presuppositions. The implications concern me a bit.
Any reactions?

Would anyone agree with de Bono that Plato was a facist?

John Oaklands

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