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From: Rev2Bin99@aol.com
Date: Sun Jun 30 1996 - 19:32:18 EDT

Greetings, all!

    As this is my first post, please let me introduce myself. I'm Eric
Evers, a 22-year old seminary student from Oxford, MA. I graduated from
Connecticut College in New London, CT a little over a year ago, with a major
in Eng. Lit. and a minor in Mathematics. I just completed my first year at
Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, MN, and am currently completing my Clinical
Pastoral Education at the UMass Medical Center in Worcester, MA. I am
pursuing the M.Div degree (4 years; the 3rd is a year-long internship), and
plan to be ordained as an ELCA pastor. After a to-be-determined number of
years, I hope to return to academia to earn a PhD in New Testament. Needless
to say, I've been following the recent thread on what an NT scholar "should"
know rather closely.

    I'd like to change the question a little bit. Where should a student
"be" when he or she is applying for PhD work? By the time I graduate, I will
have three years of doing Greek work in NT classes under my belt (including
tutoring work and leading translating groups for NT courses) and two years of
using Hebrew academically (maybe with doing some tutoring by my senior year,
if I'm up to it). I plan to take a "crash course" in German next summer, and
to follow it up with more course work as that becomes possible. My Latin is
quite, quite weak, my French could be passable it I worked at it for a while,
and that's it for languages. (Classically educated, I am not. Sadly...)
 But in all honesty, what will "top" (use your own definitions of "top," I
will not offer my thoughts, to avoid the risk of stepping on toes) doctoral
programs expect of their applicants? Other than taking as many Gk/ Hb
exegesis courses as possible, what are some key areas in which I should
focus? I've been told not to worry about my languages, because Luther has a
reputation for turning out folks well-prepared in that field, but that was
from a Hebrew prof at Luther... so I wasn't completely reassured. Any
advice? Thanks in advance.

---Eric Evers

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