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Date: Wed Jul 10 1996 - 07:26:46 EDT

At 1:34 PM -0400 7/9/96, John Albu wrote:
>Regarding the meaning of harpagmos in Philippians 2:6, there are some
>interesting remarks by Heinz Kruse S. J. in his article "Harpagmos (Ad
>Phil 2, 6)," published in "Verbum Domini," Vol. 27, 1949, pp. 355-360. I
>am quoting from pp. 355, 356, 358, in Latin and providing an English
>translation. I would appreciate if improvements would be offered for this

Vel maximas gratias ago tibi, qui de nobis bene meritus es, non textum
Latinum tantum prae oculis nostris afferens, attamen versionem quoque
praeclaram anglicam praebens.

I realize that opinions on this text are going to remain widely divergent,
but the article which you have cited goes to the heart of the chief problem
I have always had with the "Christ-hymn" as normally interpreted of
surrender by Christ of a pre-existent divine status in assuming incarnate
existence. I think that the addition of the Heinz Kruse article to the
store of important discussions of this passage confirms the observation
(not mine originally, although I heartily concur) that this
justly-celebrated passage affords substantial difficulties in Greek
vocabulary and grammar both to the traditional "incarnational"
interpretation and to the "Adamic"interpretation.

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