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Date: Sat Jul 20 1996 - 00:56:15 EDT

I'm sorry this response to your message is coming so late. I went out of
town, then my modem died shortly after you posted your note. I would still
like to respond though.

At 5:43 PM 6/28/96 +1000, John Oaklands wrote:

>I love the Spanish language and also use it fluently--but I use German,
>French and others as well. I have spent some nice years in Peru and
>Chile in college teaching. I taught theology, Greek and Hebrew, and in
>fact introduced Hebrew to the Peruvian college. I found they had some
>excellent texts--mainly from Spain--for teaching Hebrew and Greek in
>Spanish. But I also used BD which was then in German only.

ŔPuedo preguntar donde ha ense–ado en Perś? Tengo planes de pasar un a–o en
Perś en el futuro, y me gustar’a saber donde ense–an griego.


>On the other hand could it be that we're overlooking the tremendous con-
>tributions to Greek and NT studies made by Roman Catholic scholars in
>Spanish in particular. I find excellent materialcoming out of Spain.
>I wonder if perhaps Edwards Hobbs and others are aware of this type
>of NT and Greek scholarship. Here is an excellent way of keeping in
>touch with the Spanish language.

Conozco la revista _Filologia Neotestamentaria_. ŔPod’a usted recomendar
otras fuentes de informaci—n sobre griego y nuevo testamento escritas en

Muchas gracias.

Micheal Palmer

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