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Date: Fri Jun 28 1996 - 03:43:20 EDT

I've been finding this topic most interesting and challenging. I'm
particularly attracted to what Edwards Hobbs had to say, especially
with reference to Spanish. However, I also want to speak (write!) to
some of the other issues raised.

I like scholarship and believe that as Christians we should have the
best. However, I don't want to make this too lengthy so I'll try to
keep to two or three issues.

I love the Spanish language and also use it fluently--but I use German,
French and others as well. I have spent some nice years in Peru and
Chile in college teaching. I taught theology, Greek and Hebrew, and in
fact introduced Hebrew to the Peruvian college. I found they had some
excellent texts--mainly from Spain--for teaching Hebrew and Greek in
Spanish. But I also used BD which was then in German only.

Just by the way, has anyone given attention to either classical or
modern Hebrew translations of the NT? I use both--and in fact have a
Hebrew cassette set in modern Hebrew for the NT. These translations
provide outstanding insights to the NT with respect to its OT and
Semitic backgrounds and at the same time to the meaning, understanding
and interpretation of the Greek text.

I've taught German to theology students and have had them learn it as a
living language rather than a mere theological tool and thus get better
insights from cultural backgrounds. I don't know about you but I have
found that some of the German scholars can offer some in-depth apprecia-
tions of the OT and also the NT. For example, I have not found better
material on the DIAQHKH AIWNIOS than that of the German scholars--and
a lot of the English works are either translations from German or in-
fluenced by the German scholars. But I haven't been to Tuebingen!

But at the same time in reference to Greek studies, French is also
coming to the fore. I know, I have to read a lot in French for my
PhD research with reference to the Greek subjunctive. But I also
love the French language and culture. This maodern language study
also helps me perceive more fully how essential it is to have a deeper
appreciation of Greek culture through a study and reading of the total
classical and hellenistic literature at least.

On the other hand could it be that we're overlooking the tremendous con-
tributions to Greek and NT studies made by Roman Catholic scholars in
Spanish in particular. I find excellent materialcoming out of Spain.
I wonder if perhaps Edwards Hobbs and others are aware of this type
of NT and Greek scholarship. Here is an excellent way of keeping in
touch with the Spanish language.

I'd be most interested in what others have found in relation to the

John Oaklands

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