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From: Ruben Gomez (
Date: Wed Jul 03 1996 - 08:25:35 EDT

I have been following the thread on NT scholarship and have found it most
interesting, especially from a European point of view.

I would like to point out just a couple of things regarding the relevance of
Spanish for NT studies. I agree wholeheartedly with Edward Hobbs when, on
June 30, he asserted that other languages (notably German and English) are
used much more extensively than Spanish, French or Italian in Biblical
studies and Theology. There are obvious historical and cultural reasons for

On the other hand, it is clear that there are a good number of well-known
and respected scholars who are writing in Spanish (Luis Alonso Schoekel,
Jose O'Callaghan, Juan Mateos, Florentino Garcia Martinez, to name just a
few). This is the result of a real flourishing of Spanish Roman Catholic OT
and NT scholarship in recent years (unfortunately, the same cannot be said
when one looks at the Protestant camp, to which I belong).

The amount of books and articles on the various theological disciplines
written in Spanish is a lot larger than what appears to be!. It's got to be,
if one considers the amount of Spanish-speaking people in the world today!.
Granted that it is still light-years away from other languages, but I think
one should consider quality as well as quantity.

I agree with the comments posted by John Oaklands and Ken Litwak(June
29-July 2)and envisage a dramatic increase in the relevance of Spanish for
Biblical studies in the next decades. I think it is a language worth
learning and using in such a context, without forgetting others that have
been mentioned.

By the way, although I was born in Spain and live there, my theological
education is British. I use English a lot more than Spanish in Biblical
studies, and my comment does not pretend to sound chauvinistic. I am merely
stating what I definitely think is a most valuable asset for NT studies,
i.e. Spanish.

Although I am now on a sabbatical and do not have good library and bookshop
facilities nearby, I would be happy to suggest a few Spanish authors/books
if anyone is interested and as time permits (I am now translating some
theological materials which will be part of the extension programme of a
Spanish Seminary in Madrid).

Thank you all for making b-greek what it is!

Ruben Gomez
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