Update on Hyperliteral Page

From: wagers@iglobal.net
Date: Thu Aug 01 1996 - 12:34:05 EDT

Dear Killer B's,

Just a note to let you know that there are some brief, interesting quotes
on the Hyperliteral Experiment Page. I was reading essays on translation
theories and came across Nabokov's, Benjamin's, Pannwitz's, Ortega y
Gasset's, W. Benjamin's, and Goethe's opinions on hyperliteral translations,
as well as F. Friedrich's brief history of early translation paradigms (e.g.
Jerome). They don't represent a complete or balanced view, but the case
for hyperliteral translation.

Apologies for cross-posting if you receive this more than once.

Will Wagers "Reality is the best metaphor."

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