Re: John 8:58

Date: Thu Aug 08 1996 - 15:30:10 EDT

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<< However, in v.58, the issue shifts to one of time, not of identity,
      revealed by the immediate context. "You are not yet fifty years old,
      and yet you have seen Abraham? Most truly I say to you, before [prin]
      Abraham came into existence, ...." [prin Abraam genesthai]

I believe this ignores the context of John 8:53 that precedes it. The Jews
were really asking all along who He was, and Jesus answered their question
clearly. He told them what they were probably suspecting and wanted to know.
 Unlike Will Wagers believes, I do not believe Jesus would flirt with the
danger of identifying Himself with YHWH, I believe He knew clearly what He
was doing and He did it in accordance with the truth.


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