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From: Larry Swain (
Date: Mon Aug 19 1996 - 11:36:46 EDT

> Scott--
> Your lexical research on PASA is admirable, but I suspect that the problem you're having is more
> closely related to the word GRAFH. GRAFH, after all, simply means "writing," "text." Thus PASA
> GRAFH THEOPNEUSTOS may simply be taken to mean "every inspired writing," obviating some of
> your every/all problems and eliminating the need for your question about "uninspired Scriptures."
> Yes, of course there are uninspired writings, from bills of lading to casual personal letters.
> Grace and peace,
> A K M Adam

Just to add fuel to the fire, and go a bit beyond mere grammar/lexical
concerns if I may, there is some discussion in some Second Temple
Judaisms regarding the inspiration of some Scriptures-BUT inspiration was
not taken as the criteria for canonical status, which differs from the
developed Christian position centuries later, and certainly how most
Christians think of it today.

At the same time, the term GRAFH in the generic sense does simply mean
"writing", but I would argue that plainly here it is used in the
technical sense, "Scripture" (after all the Latin word means "writing" as
well), and is well attested in that usage in Paul's writings, in the NT,
and in Christian and Jewish sources generally.

If you want citations, I'll provide them offlist.

Larry Swain
Rocky Mountain College

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