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From: Stephen C Carlson (
Date: Mon Jun 10 1996 - 17:25:55 EDT

Mike Phillips wrote:
> I am presently in the midst of a review (Machen's NTGFB) that will
>catapult me (by summer's end) into classical Greek and some septuagint Greek.
>My question is twofold. Is this list only for NT greek? or can I enlist some
>aid, if needed, in septuagint grammar (I have a book on Septuagint Grammar by
>Conybeare and Stock -- any reviews)?

Since this list had been renamed some years ago from NT-GREEK to
B-GREEK, I would say, yes, Septuagintal Greek is on topic. But you
should quote the passages you would like to discuss, because fewer
people here have access to the LXX.

Stephen Carlson

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