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From: Mike Phillips (mphilli3@mail.tds.net)
Date: Mon Jun 10 1996 - 18:21:29 EDT

        I am presently in the midst of a review (Machen's NTGFB) that will
catapult me (by summer's end) into classical Greek and some septuagint Greek.
My question is twofold. Is this list only for NT greek? or can I enlist some
aid, if needed, in septuagint grammar (I have a book on Septuagint Grammar by
Conybeare and Stock -- any reviews)? I will have an instructor for the
classical Greek at University of Cincinnati, but the Septuagint I will probably
be working through on my own until '97 (and a slow pace at that, given Hebrew
and Aramaic 'in the mix'. But, the Lord is good (in many languages)!

Mike Phillips
Christian Theological Seminary, Indianapolis, Indiana USA
http://www.cts.edu (webmaster@cts.edu)
Hebrew Union College - JIR, Cincinnati, Ohio USA

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