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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Jun 10 1996 - 21:01:21 EDT

At 5:21 PM -0500 6/10/96, Mike Phillips wrote:
> I am presently in the midst of a review (Machen's NTGFB) that will
>catapult me (by summer's end) into classical Greek and some septuagint Greek.
>My question is twofold. Is this list only for NT greek? or can I enlist some
>aid, if needed, in septuagint grammar (I have a book on Septuagint Grammar by
>Conybeare and Stock -- any reviews)? I will have an instructor for the
>classical Greek at University of Cincinnati, but the Septuagint I will
>be working through on my own until '97 (and a slow pace at that, given Hebrew
>and Aramaic 'in the mix'. But, the Lord is good (in many languages)!

I think you'll find people on the list receptive to questions on LXX and
even on classical Attic--there are some of us here who may know more about
Attic than about NT Greek! I've used the old Conybeare and Stock--I don't
know whether you mean the LXX reader they edited long ago and which has
been re-issued in the last 20 years or so in paperback or the grammar
introduction which has been issued separately under the title of "LXX
Grammar" or some such. At any rate, I've used them both for teaching and
for reference with satisfaction.

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