Re: Greek questions outside the NT

From: Bernard Taylor (btaylor@LaSierra.EDU)
Date: Tue Jun 11 1996 - 15:33:25 EDT

On Mon, 10 Jun 1996, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> I've used the old Conybeare and Stock--I don't
> know whether you mean the LXX reader they edited long ago and which has
> been re-issued in the last 20 years or so in paperback or the grammar
> introduction which has been issued separately under the title of "LXX
> Grammar" or some such. At any rate, I've used them both for teaching and
> for reference with satisfaction.

As Carl's comments perhaps indicate, it depends where you come from with
C&S. It is my understanding that the volume was written to transition
classical Greek scholars into the LXX and Koine Greek. I anticipated that
the volume would be a useful resource when preparing my Analytical
Lexicon, but in fact it rarely helped, since I was not coming from that
direction, but directly from (NT) koine. I found Thackeray's Grammar much
more use, incomplete as it is.

However, even when all available LXX resources are marshalled, you may
still have the feeling that you are on your own, and your question about
help from this list is in the right direction.

Bernard Taylor

ps. By now you should know of the Lust et. al. LXX lexicon, and the
Muraoka volume on the minor Prophets (perhaps a useful place to start
reading, so that you can take advantage of this resource). In addition,
the old Abbot-Smith NT lexicon (T&T Clark--still in print) was (one of
the) first to really take LXX vocab into consideration, and is still a
helpful resource, even when reading NT text. One can get a feel for the OT
text in both Greek and Hebrew in terms of choice of vocab, etc.

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