Bellinzoni (ed), The Two-Source Hypothesis

From: akio itou (
Date: Sat Aug 17 1996 - 02:03:51 EDT

Someone asked about 'a source' of Bellinzoni's *The Two-Source Hypothesis*.
I am not quite sure what s/he(?) wanted to know. The book consists fo four
sections: (1)the case for the priority of Mark, (2)the case against the
priority of Mark, (3)the case for the Q hypothesis, (4)the case against the
Q hypothesis. Each section has several excerpts from notable contributions
by notable scholars, e.g. the first section starts with B.H. Streeter's
*The Four Gospels* pp.157-69, 195-97. I am not going to list up all the
contributions. A.J.Bellizoni, jr. wrote the preface and introduction. At
the end of the book J.B. Tyson contributed the Conclusion.

Hope this helps.

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