Re: John 8:58 & commentators

From: Marty Brownfield (
Date: Wed Aug 21 1996 - 23:51:08 EDT

From: Carl William Conrad <>, on 8/21/96 8:33 PM:
> Speaking only for myself, I think this exchange over John 8:58 has ceased
> to be illuminating; it appears more than anything else an exercise in
> demonstrating the correctness of one's doctrinal position by citing one's
> own preferred set of authorities. For a while this was interesting, but it
> is now becoming an exchange of "I say it is!"--"No it isn't!"--"Yes it
> is!"--"Isn't!"--"'Tis!"--"Tisn't!"
> Anybody else feel this way?

Absolutely. I resorted to deleting any letter with "John 8:58" anywhere in
Subject line without bothering to read them.

(However, I always stop to read Carl's notes.)

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