Re: MEN-DE-DE in John 16:9-11

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Fri Aug 23 1996 - 10:06:58 EDT

> You may be looking for a more profound answer than this

Actually, your answer is precisely what I was looking for.
At this point, I can recognize that there are things I don't
understand or appreciate about the Greek, but I wasn't able
to find explanations until I discovered B-GREEK. I'm really
enjoying this list!

> This sense of idiomatic structures doesn't come overnight but
> only through continual reading and re-reading and becoming accustomed
> to the natural rhythms of Greek speech so that you THINK the thought
> of the Greek writer as you read it rather than attempt to translate
> it piecemeal into comparable English units.

I'm trying! And I'm expecting it to take some time. But in another year,
I'll be another year further...

How well are we able to do this for dead languages? I studied German for
6 years before I moved to Germany, but after a year in the country, I had
learned how to think in the language much better than I could have by studying
for 6 more years. Yes, I thought in German before I moved there, but I didn't
have the same intuitive grasp of the subtleties of the language. Even now,
after living in Berlin for 8 years, German is simply not my mother tongue.

With German, I had native Germans to interact with, correct misunderstandings,
and point out subtleties. I do want to think in Greek as much as possible, and I
can invest time to read Greek daily. I expect it to be harder with Greek than
with German.


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