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From: John Oaklands (lnjvo@cc.newcastle.edu.au)
Date: Mon Sep 09 1996 - 11:05:44 EDT

Edward, I was delighted to know of your link with "French in Action" Thank
you for the clarifications and for telling of your experiences--I looked for
you in the first two lessons but I'll have to keep trying. I would like to
see more of the French type approach to the teaching of Greek and then
perhaps (hopefully :-)) more students and pastors might become more excited
with the Greek language. I'm also grateful for the reference to the
University of Michigan and their "teaching classical Greek as a spoken
language." I'll be contacting them for more info on that. I must say that
like you I have also practiced having students -- and personally working
with them on it -- check out citations for Greek words. I've also used
computer programs for the NT and LXX for such exercises. However, one
problem I find is that it can also make it hard for some students, depending
at what stage they're at, because of all the new words and grammar they
encounter. I like too your idea of helping the students get the feel for
the way different writers employ words. Thank you for taking the time in
your busy schedule to get back to me on that and I wish you every success as
you start out on a new year of teaching.

In another message you made referendce to BDR. I used to own and use BD in
German and would like to obtain BDR. Can you or someone please give me the
complete title and information on where it might be obtained--it's not easy
to obtain that kind of book in this country.

Thanks again,

John Oaklands

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