Re: John 9:3

From: Carlton L. Winbery (
Date: Sat Sep 14 1996 - 02:28:30 EDT

John Oaklands wrote;
>Does hINA in John 9:3 indicate purpose or result (or something else)? What
>are the implications either way?
hINA . . . GENNHQHi in vs 2 seems to be result. "Who sinned, this one or
his parents, with the result that he was born blind?" Sin resulted in
suffering in their view.

Verse four emphasizes taking the opportunity to work the works of God while
it is time. "We must work the works of the one who sent me . . ."

I would think that vs 3 then would not teach that God caused this to happen
so that Jesus could come along and heal, but that the man's blindness
results into an apportunity to do God's work.

Perhaps I see it that way because that's the way I want it to be.

Carlton L. Winbery
Prof. NT & Greek La College

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