Re: the "malakoi" in 1 Cor 6.9

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Date: Wed Sep 18 1996 - 14:16:10 EDT

At 07:29 9/17/96 -0600, Juan Stam B wrote:
> Can anyone cite passages where "malakos" is clarly either
>"2" or "3"in specific contrast to the active homosexual partner (or adult
>partner in pederasty) as "arsenekoites"?

LSJM which glosses MALAKOS in this context as "pathic" (an English word
I never heard of, but cf. Latin PATHICUS in Cat 16.2 57.2, Juv 2.99),
and lists the following cites: PHib.1.54.11 (iii BC), I.Ep.Cor.6.9,
Vett.Vall.113.12, D[iogenes] L[aertius] 7.173.

BAGD which defines it as "soft, effeminate, esp. of catamites" adds
the following references: Dionys.Hal.7,2,4; Dio.Chrys.49[66];
Ptolem.Apotel.3,15,10; and Plautus Miles 668 CINAEDUS MALACUS.

These references are not very accessible so I cannot tell you if they
are as specific as you are looking for.

Stephen Carlson

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