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Date: Sun Sep 22 1996 - 22:41:30 EDT

Ken, I have been off the list for a while and just recently read your
request about ancient novels. In addition to the text by Reardon, which
contains the novels in translation, there are opriginal texts with
translations for quote a few in the LCL. And among modern works read the

Tomas Haeg, *The Novel in Antiquity.* Berkeley and Los Angeles: University
of California Press, 1983. ISBN 0-520-04923-3 Standard work.

Niklas Holzberg, *The Ancient Novel: An Introduction.* London and New York:
Routledge, 1995. ISBN 0-415-10753-9 A good, brief introduction to the

Been Edwin Perry, *The Ancient Romances: A Literary-Historical Account of
their Origins.* Sather Classical Lectures 37. Berkeley and Los Angeles:
Universitey of California Press, 1967. OP, but worth looking at in the

G. W. Bowersock, *Fiction as History: Nero to Julian.*Sather Classical
Lectures 58. Berkeley, Los Angeles, London: University of California Press,
1994. ISBN 0-520-08824-7 Bosersock shows how ancient novels can be used to
understand the social and cultural world of antiquity because they have to
have enough verisimilitude to be in some sense credible.

Wenn Sie jetzt nun und dann etwas Deutsch lesen moechten, lesen sie die

Rudolf Helm, * Der Antike Roman.* Goettingen: Vandenhoeck und
Ruprecht,1956. Achtzig Seiten ganz voll Informationen uebe diese Sache.

Erwin Rohde, *Der griechische Roman und seine Vorlaeufer.( 3. Aufl.
Leipzig: Teubner (?), 1914. Klassisch, oft notiert, auch wenn wiedergelegt.

But above all, read the texts in the LCL as you have time, glancing at the
Greek whenever something catches your fancy. The Greek is, except for some
unfamiliar vocabulary, quite colloquaial and often close to some Greek in
the NT. Pay attention, inter alia, to shipwreck scenes anc contrast to Acts

Thse novel might be good light, bedtime reading and yet be inside the
framework of your professional interests.

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